i don’t know from where > this articel !

Just want to share for the others..

My Hijab-
Is my own knight in shining armor-
Fiercely shielding my crowning glory-
From eyes that deliberately wander
And mouths that continuously  blabber.
My Veil-
Builds a sturdy iron wall-
Between right and wrong-
Blocking the rush of seductive desires-
From flooding my vulnerable soul.
My Hijab-
Like an overworked conscience-
Presses the rational brake-
Whenever my faith decides-
To take even the shortest break.
My Veil,
Restores my newfound dignity;
One that have been tampered for centuries-
And reflects my unwavering pride-
In the extraordinary sisters before me.
My veil, my hijab,
Is my unduly generator of strength,
Sparking power in each of my hesitant step-
As I bravely tread on the suffocating ground-
Of cynical contempt and chauvinistic tongues.


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